Amy Bliefnick Bio


Hi, I’m Amy, your own personal marketing manager with a passion for all things 'woo woo.'  

I know the value spiritual coaches like you provide to the world by helping people take their life or business to the next level because I’ve experienced it. That’s why I created 511 West, to use all that I know to help you elevate your business and expand your reach.

Through my own spiritual work, I’ve discovered that I find alignment in tinkering with technology, mastering tools and systems, and nailing down Facebook ad strategies to create maximum impact through seamless execution.

I want to use the power of Facebook & Instagram Advertising to spread your positive message and life-changing teachings. To reach the people who are looking for it or need it most, and to change their lives. Oh, and changing yours too by scaling your amazing programs!

511 West’s strategies make sure you get the most out of the valuable content you create to effectively grow your email list and fill up your online or in person coaching programs or masterminds with ideal, dreamy, soulmate clients.

I have over 10 years of experience working in the digital marketing space providing a range of services including:

  • Web Design & Development

  • Video editing

  • Podcast editing

  • Launch strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Facebook & Instagram advertising

  • Email marketing

  • Marketing automation

  • Branding

  • Organic social strategy

Not to mention my badass team of Facebook Ad Strategists, Copywriters, and Designers who are experts in Facebook ads and conversion.

So, just like you trust your intuition to create your message and help your clients, you can trust us to get your message out there.

If that feels right, book a free FB ad strategy call to find out how powerful Facebook ads can be for your business.